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Bill No. Title PositionCCW SummaryStatusFiscal NotesHouse SponsorsSenate SponsorsHouse CommitteeSenate CommitteeNotes
HB18-1224 Licensee Discipline Mediation State Agency c Concerning the process that is due for the imposition of discipline that affects a person's ability to practice an occupation, and, in connection therewith, requiring the parties to submit to mediation.   Governor Signed: 05/29/2018Fiscal Notes : 08/09/2018Y. Willett (R)R. Gardner (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsFinance
HB18-1342 Allow Pre-Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act Homeowners' Association Members to Veto Homeowners' Association Budget c

Concerning a requirement that a common interest community created in Colorado before July 1, 1992, comply with a provision of the "Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act" that allows a majority of the unit owners in a common interest community to veto a budget proposed by the executive board of the common interest community.

Governor Signed: 06/06/2018Fiscal Notes : 08/08/2018J. Melton (D)N. Todd (D)Business Affairs & LaborFinance
HB18-1397 Landlord Tenant Warranty Of Habitability c Concerning modifications to the residential warranty of habitability for the purpose of protecting renters.   Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely: 05/04/2018Fiscal Notes : 07/11/2018D. Jackson (D)D. Moreno (D)Health, Insurance, & EnvironmentState, Veterans, and Military Affairs
SB18-007 Affordable Housing Tax Credit c

Concerning the Colorado affordable housing tax credit, and, in connection therewith, renaming the low-income housing tax credit the Colorado affordable housing tax credit and extending the period during which the Colorado housing and finance authority may allocate affordable housing tax credits.

Governor Signed: 05/22/2018Fiscal Notes : 09/11/2018C. Duran (D)
J. Becker (R)
L. Guzman (D)
J. Tate (R)
SB18-015 Protecting Homeowners And Deployed Military c

Concerning the 'Protecting Homeowners and Deployed Military Personnel Act'.

Governor Signed: 06/06/2018Fiscal Notes : 09/06/2018L. Liston (R)
D. Williams (R)
O. Hill (R)
R. Gardner (R)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsJudiciary
SB18-062 Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation c

Concerning liability limits in snow and ice removal contracts.

Governor Signed: 05/30/2018Fiscal Notes : 08/20/2018J. Melton (D)D. Moreno (D)JudiciaryJudiciary
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