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Bill No. Title House SponsorsSenate SponsorsStatusPositionHearing DateCCW Summary
HB20-1018 Adopt Renewable Natural Gas Standard House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 02/03/2020c

Concerning adoption of a renewable natural gas standard.

HB20-1025 Sales Tax Exemption Industrial And Manufacturing Energy Use A. Benavidez (D)
M. Snyder (D)
J. Tate (R)House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely: 05/28/2020c

Concerning modifications to the sales tax exemption for certain energy uses.

HB20-1070 Local Government Liable Fracking Ban Oil And Gas Moratorium P. Buck (R)House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 01/27/2020b

Concerning a requirement that a local government that interferes with oil and gas operations compensate persons damaged by the interference.

HB20-1077 Modifications Of County Treasurer Duties D. Valdez (D)
J. Rich (R)
C. Holbert (R)Governor Signed: 03/24/2020c

Concerning the modification of various provisions regarding the responsibilities of the county treasurer.

HB20-1093 County Authority License And Regulate Business J. Wilson (R)
J. McCluskie (D)
B. Rankin (R)
K. Donovan (D)
Governor Signed: 03/23/2020c

Concerning county authority to license and regulate a business.

HB20-1126 Local Control Approvals Oil And Gas Applications P. Buck (R)
L. Saine (R)
V. Marble (R)
J. Cooke (R)
House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 03/02/2020b

Concerning a requirement that the state approve an oil and gas permit to drill that has been approved by a local government.

HB20-1136 Insurance Investment Regulation Modernization M. Snyder (D)J. Tate (R)
C. Hansen (D)
Governor Signed: 03/24/2020c

Concerning the regulation of investments made by domestic insurance companies.

HB20-1142 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program L. Cutter (D)
M. Soper (R)
House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely: 05/28/2020c

Concerning the creation of an enterprise that is exempt from the requirements of section 20 of article X of the state constitution to administer a fee-based hazard mitigation grant program.

HB20-1192 Petroleum Redevelopment Fund Electric Vehicle D. Jackson (D)
P. Will (R)
M. Foote (D)House Committee on Appropriations Lay Over Unamended - Amendment(s) Failed: 06/16/2020c

Concerning the use of money in the petroleum cleanup and redevelopment fund to develop fuel-cell electric-vehicle projects.

HB20-1338 Operational Severance Tax Transfer To Agriculture Value-added J. Arndt (D)K. Donovan (D)House Committee on Rural Affairs & Agriculture Postpone Indefinitely: 05/27/2020c

Concerning the transfer of money from the severance tax operational fund to the agriculture value-added cash fund to be used to promote agricultural energy-related projects.

HB20-1360 2020-21 Long Bill D. Esgar (D)D. Moreno (D)Governor Signed: 06/22/2020c

Concerning the provision for payment of the expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the state of Colorado, and of its agencies and institutions, for and during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020, except as otherwise noted.

HB20-1372 Operational Fund Mined Land Reclamation Repeal D. Esgar (D)
J. McCluskie (D)
B. Rankin (R)Governor Signed: 06/29/2020c

Concerning the repeal of provisions relating to mined land reclamation.

HB20-1420 Adjust Tax Expenditures For State Education Fund M. Gray (D)
E. Sirota (D)
D. Moreno (D)
C. Hansen (D)
Governor Signed: 07/11/2020c

Concerning the adjustment of certain state tax expenditures in order to allocate additional revenues to the state education fund.

SB20-038 Statewide Biodiesel Blend Requirement Diesel Fuel Sales S. Lewis (D)
M. Young (D)
S. Fenberg (D)House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 05/28/2020c

Concerning the establishment of a statewide standard for the sale of biodiesel-blended diesel fuel in Colorado.

SB20-150 Adopt Renewable Natural Gas Standard J. Arndt (D)
M. Catlin (R)
D. Coram (R)
C. Hansen (D)
House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 05/28/2020c

Concerning adoption of a renewable natural gas standard.

SB20-214 Suspend 2020 Legislative Interim Committees A. Garnett (D)
P. Neville (R)
C. Holbert (R)
S. Fenberg (D)
Governor Signed: 06/30/2020c

Concerning legislative interim committee activities, and, in connection therewith, suspending legislative interim activities during the 2020 interim, changing the minimum number of meetings that the early childhood and school readiness legislative commission must hold to be the maximum number of meetings annually that the commission may hold, and reducing an appropriation.

SB20-218 CDPHE Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Hazardous Substances Response J. Singer (D)
H. McKean (R)
P. Lee (D)
S. Fenberg (D)
Sent to the Governor: 06/29/2020c

Concerning measures by the department of public health and environment to protect the public from certain hazardous substances, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

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