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Bill No. Title VotesFiscal NotesHearing DateHearing TimeHearing RoomIntro DateCCW SummaryHistorySave to CalendarBill SubjectFull TextLobbyistsStatusPositionCategoryCommentCustom SummaryOfficial SummaryHouse SponsorsSenate SponsorsHouse CommitteeSenate CommitteeBill Docs
HB19-1008 Include Career And Technical Education In Building Excellent Schools Today Program Votes all LegislatorsFiscal Notes : 01/09/201902/20/20199:00 AMSenate Chamber01/04/2019

Concerning the provision of grants for career and technical education capital construction through the "Building Excellent Schools Today Act".

Bill History
- Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
Full Text of BillLobbyistsSenate Second Reading Passed - No Amendments: 02/19/2019c

The bill amends the Building Excellent Schools Today Act to
allow the public school capital construction assistance board (board) to
provide grants to support career and technical education capital
construction, which is defined as:
  • New construction or retrofitting of public school facilities

for certain career and technical education programs; and
  • Equipment necessary for individual student learning and
classroom instruction, including equipment that provides
access to instructional materials or that is necessary for
professional use by a classroom teacher.
The bill requires the board to report annually to the capital
development committee and to the education and finance committees of
the house of representatives and the senate, or to any successor
committees, concerning the issuance and denial of career and technical
education capital construction grants during the preceding year.

T. Kraft-Tharp (D)
C. Larson (R)
N. Todd (D)
P. Lundeen (R)
EducationEducationBill Documents
HB19-1086 Plumbing Inspections Ensure Compliance Votes all LegislatorsFiscal Notes : 01/22/201901/14/2019

Concerning the conduct of plumbing inspections to ensure compliance with the plumbing law.

Bill History
Full Text of BillLobbyistsIntroduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor: 01/14/2019c

Current law requires plumbing inspectors employed by qualified
state institutions of higher education to possess the same qualifications
required of state plumbing inspectors. Section 1 of the bill requires the
same of inspectors employed by an incorporated town or city, county, or
city and county.
Section 2 requires state plumbing inspectors or plumbing

inspectors employed by the state, an incorporated town or city, county,
city and county, or qualified state institution of higher education (entity)
to conduct a contemporaneous review of each plumbing project inspected
to ensure compliance with the plumbing law, including specifically
licensure and apprentice requirements. However, each entity need not
perform a contemporaneous review for each inspection of a project. Each
entity shall develop standard procedures to advise inspectors on how to
conduct a contemporaneous review. Each entity must post its standard
procedures on its public website and provide the director of the division
of professions and occupations within the department of regulatory
agencies with a link to the web page on which the standard procedures
have been posted.

M. Duran (D)Business Affairs and LaborBill Documents
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