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Bill No. Title Bill DocsBill SubjectIntro DateHouse SponsorsHouse CommitteeSenate CommitteeSenate SponsorsStatusCCW SummaryHearing DateFiscal NotesCommentPosition
HB20-1026 Create Twenty-third Judicial District Bill Documents- Courts & Judicial
01/08/2020K. Van Winkle (R)
M. Weissman (D)
JudiciaryR. Fields (D)
R. Gardner (R)
Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary + Appropriations: 01/08/2020

Concerning the creation of a twenty-third judicial district.

01/23/2020 b
HB20-1048 Race Trait Hairstyle Anti-discrimination Protect Bill Documents- Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
- Housing
- Labor & Employment
01/08/2020J. Buckner (D)
L. Herod (D)
Business Affairs and LaborR. Fields (D)Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor: 01/08/2020

Concerning a prohibition against discrimination based on a person's traits that are historically associated with race.

02/05/2020Fiscal Notes : 01/17/2020c
HB20-1076 Regulation Of Claims Against Insurance Companies By Insured Parties Bill Documents- Health Care & Health Insurance
- Insurance
01/08/2020D. Williams (R)Health and InsuranceIntroduced In House - Assigned to Health & Insurance: 01/08/2020

Concerning the regulation of insurance companies, and, in connection therewith, requiring the commissioner of insurance to hold certain hearings within sixty days after a party's request for a hearing; prohibiting the imposition of an administrative fee in association with certain administrative hearings; allowing the commissioner of insurance to award treble damages and attorney fees to an insured party if an insurer breaches the terms of an enforceable policy held by the insured party; making determinations that arise pursuant to certain administrative hearings admissible as evidence in any subsequent civil action; prohibiting the imposition of fees on plaintiffs to recover costs associated with certain jury trials involving insurance claims; prohibiting defendant insurers from filing motions for summary judgment, directed verdicts, judgments on the pleadings, or any other alternative outcomes in certain cases involving insurance claims when the plaintiff has requested a jury trial; requiring a court to assess treble damages, court costs, and attorney fees against an insurer that denies an insurance claim in bad faith; and specifying an insurer's unilateral change to or cancellation of a prepaid policy is an unfair or deceptive insurance practice.

01/22/2020 e
HB20-1089 Employee Protection Lawful Off-duty Activities Bill Documents- Labor & Employment
01/10/2020J. Melton (D)Business Affairs and LaborIntroduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor: 01/10/2020

Concerning clarification that the prohibition on an employer terminating an employee for the employee's lawful off-duty activities extends to activities that are lawful under state law even if those activities are not lawful under federal law.

02/05/2020 e
HB20-1091 Divide Insurer Into Resulting Insurers Bill Documents- Health Care & Health Insurance
- Insurance
01/10/2020M. Snyder (D)Business Affairs and LaborA. Williams (D)Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor: 01/10/2020

Concerning the division of a domestic stock insurer into multiple resulting domestic stock insurers.

02/04/2020 c
HB20-1141 Fees Charged To Tenants By Landlords Bill Documents- Housing
01/16/2020S. Gonzales-Gutierrez (D)
Y. Caraveo (D)
Business Affairs and LaborJ. Gonzales (D)Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor: 01/16/2020 c
SB20-063 Recodify Statutes Concerning Department Of Law Bill Documents- State Government
01/08/2020M. Weissman (D)
H. McKean (R)
JudiciaryP. Lee (D)Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary: 01/08/2020

Concerning the recodification of statutory provisions governing the department of law.

01/22/2020Fiscal Notes : 01/17/2020c
SB20-064 Authority Attorney General Challenge Fed-reviewed Mergers And Antitrust Bill Documents- Business & Economic Development
01/08/2020M. Soper (R)
K. Tipper (D)
JudiciaryM. Foote (D)Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary: 01/08/2020

Concerning the repeal of a prohibition on the state attorney general bringing an action under state antitrust law when certain corporate actions have been reviewed by a federal entity.

SB20-065 Limit Mobile Electronic Devices While Driving Bill Documents- Transportation & Motor Vehicles
01/08/2020D. Roberts (D)Transportation and EnergyIntroduced In Senate - Assigned to Transportation & Energy: 01/08/2020

Concerning a limitation on the use of mobile electronic devices while driving.

SB20-080 Consumer Protection Act Damages Bill Documents- Civil Law
- Courts & Judicial
01/13/2020JudiciaryR. Rodriguez (D)Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary: 01/13/2020

Concerning amending the "Colorado Consumer Protection Act" to increase the damages for which a plaintiff is eligible.

SB20-093 Consumer And Employee Dispute Resolution Fairness Bill Documents- Courts & Judicial
- Labor & Employment
01/13/2020D. Jackson (D)JudiciaryM. Foote (D)
S. Fenberg (D)
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary: 01/13/2020

Concerning protections related to mandatory agreement provisions, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "Consumer and Employee Dispute Resolution Fairness Act".

01/29/2020 c
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