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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Bill Detail: HB19-1172

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Title Title 12 Recodification And Reorganization
Status Governor Signed (04/25/2019)
Bill Subjects
House Sponsors M. Weissman (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Cooke (R)
R. Gardner (R)
House Committee Judiciary
Senate Committee Judiciary
Date Introduced 02/07/2019

Committee on Legal Services. Title 12 of the Colorado Revised
Statutes relates primarily to the regulation of professions and occupations.
In 2016, the General Assembly enacted Senate Bill 16-163, which
authorized a multi-year project to recodify title 12. In 2017 and 2018, the
General Assembly enacted numerous bills to relocate to other titles all
laws that do not relate to the regulation of professions and occupations.
Title 12 now generally contains only laws administered by the department
of regulatory agencies (DORA) that regulate a profession or occupation.
Section 1 (starting on page 4) of the bill recodifies title 12, as
contemplated by Senate Bill 16-163, by:
  • Reorganizing and renumbering articles and parts within the
title, all of which are administered by the division of real
estate, the division of conservation, or the division of
professions and occupations (DPO) within DORA;
  • Relocating into title 12 current statutes in article 34 of title
24 relating to the creation, powers, and duties of DPO in
administering the laws regulating professions and
occupations (practice acts);
  • Creating common provisions that are generally applicable
to all practice acts administered by DPO, except as
otherwise specified, and modifying the various practice
acts to eliminate redundancies with the common
provisions; and
  • Eliminating provisions in title 12 that are archaic or
Article 1 of the recodified title 12 (page 4) contains provisions that
apply to the entire title. Article 10 (page 5) includes the laws governing
real estate, including the division of real estate within DORA, while
article 15 (page 181) includes laws governing conservation easements,
including the division of conservation within DORA.
The remainder of the title relates to professions and occupations
regulated by DPO within DORA. Article 20 (page 202) includes laws
relocated from title 24 relating to the creation of DPO and DPO's powers
and duties and consolidated common provisions derived from the practice
acts that relate to procedures, immunity, disciplinary and enforcement
authority, and judicial review of final orders of DPO and the regulatory
boards within DPO. Article 30 (page 251) includes common provisions
governing health care professions and occupations regulated by DPO,
including the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010,
health care work force data collection requirements, and opioid
prescribing limitations.
The bill organizes the practice acts as follows:
  • Business professions and occupations:
  • Article 100, accountants (page 311);
  • Article 105, barbers and cosmetologists (page 358);
  • Article 110, combative sports (page 379);
  • Article 115, electricians (page 398);
  • Article 120, engineers, surveyors, and architects
(page 445);
  • Article 125, fantasy contests (page 528);
  • Article 130, landscape architects (page 537);
  • Article 135, mortuaries and crematories (page 560);
  • Article 140, nontransplant tissue banks (page 597);
  • Article 145, outfitters and guides (page 603);
  • Article 150, passenger tramways (page 621) (this
law was relocated from title 25);
  • Article 155, plumbers (page 638); and
  • Article 160, private investigators (page 679);
  • Health care professions and occupations:
  • Article 200, acupuncturists (page 699);
  • Article 205, athletic trainers (page 722);
  • Article 210, audiologists (page 743);
  • Article 215, chiropractors (page 763);
  • Article 220, dentists and dental hygienists (page
  • Article 225, direct-entry midwives (page 887);
  • Article 230, hearing aid providers (page 914);
  • Article 235, massage therapists (page 928);
  • Article 240, medical practice (page 953);
  • Article 245, mental health (page 1041);
  • Article 250, naturopathic doctors (page 1170);
  • Article 255, nurses (page 1206);
  • Article 260, nurse aides (page 1281);
  • Article 265, nursing home administrators (page
  • Article 270, occupational therapists and
occupational therapy assistants (page 1334);
  • Article 275, optometrists (page 1364);
  • Article 280, pharmacists, pharmacy businesses, and
pharmaceuticals (page 1407);
  • Article 285, physical therapists and physical
therapist assistants (page 1524);
  • Article 290, podiatrists (page 1592);
  • Article 295, psychiatric technicians (page 1639);
  • Article 300, respiratory therapists (page 1653);
  • Article 305, speech-language pathologists (page
  • Article 310, surgical assistants and surgical
technologists (page 1703); and
  • Article 315, veterinarians (page 1720).
Section 2 (page 1763) relocates a law that prohibits the mandatory
donation of services from title 12 to the Administrative Organization Act
of 1968 in title 24. Section 3 (page 1764) repeals relocated provisions
from titles 24 and 25. To give agencies time to make necessary
adjustments to their rules and forms, section 265 (page 1925) delays the
effective date of the bill until October 1, 2019.
Sections 4 through 264 (page 1764) contain conforming
amendments that are necessitated by the recodification of title 12 to
sections of the Colorado Revised Statutes that are codified in other titles.
Comparative tables that show how all sections of the Colorado
Revised Statutes that are in the bill have been relocated or repealed are
attached as an addendum to the bill (page 1926).

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