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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Bill Detail: HB19-1193

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Title Behavioral Health Supports For High-risk Families
Status Governor Signed (05/23/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Human Services
House Sponsors L. Herod (D)
R. Pelton (R)
Senate Sponsors L. Garcia (D)
House Committee Public Health Care and Human Services
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 02/20/2019

The bill amends existing programs that provide access to substance
use disorder treatment to pregnant and parenting women. The bill creates
child care pilot programs for parenting women engaged in substance use
disorder treatment. The bill:
  • Defines parenting women as women up to one year
postpartum who are in need of substance use disorder

  • Encourages health care practitioners and county human or
social services departments to identify pregnant women and
parenting women for a needs assessment to determine
needed services;
  • Authorizes the department to use state money to provide
residential substance use disorder treatment to pregnant and
parenting women until such time as those services are
covered under the state program of medical assistance, and
authorizes the department of health care policy and
financing to seek federal changes to permit treatment for
this population, if necessary;
  • Creates the high-risk families cash fund (cash fund) for the
office of behavioral health in the department of human
services to provide services to high-risk parents, including
pregnant and parenting women, and for services for
high-risk children and youth with behavioral health
disorders. Further, money in the cash fund may be used to
increase treatment capacity.
  • Requires the state treasurer to transfer to the cash fund any
unencumbered and unexpended money appropriated
annually to certain programs listed in the bill, and requires
annual reporting on the use of money from the cash fund;
  • Creates the child care services and substance use disorder
treatment pilot program (pilot program) as a two-generation
initiative in the department of human services;
  • Awards pilot program grants to enhance existing child care
resource and referral programs and increase child care
navigation capacity in one urban and one rural site to serve
pregnant and parenting women seeking or participating in
substance use disorder treatment;
  • Awards pilot program grants to enhance the capacity of the
existing child care resource and referral program's
centralized call center to serve pregnant and parenting
women with a substance use disorder;
  • Awards pilot program grants to pilot a regional mobile
child care model to serve young children of parenting
women in substance use disorder treatment;
  • Requires an annual appropriation of $500,000 for 3 fiscal
years for the pilot program, and requires annual reporting
to the general assembly concerning the pilot program. Any
money not expended for the pilot program will be
transferred to the high-risk families cash fund.
  • Prohibits the admission into evidence in criminal
proceedings information relating to substance use during
pregnancy, with certain exceptions, that is obtained as part
of providing postpartum care for up to one year postpartum
or disclosed while women are seeking or participating in
behavioral health treatment.

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