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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Bill Detail: HB19-1274

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Title Board County Commissioners Delegation Subdivision Platting
Status Governor Signed (05/31/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Local Government
House Sponsors M. Snyder (D)
Senate Sponsors D. Hisey (R)
House Committee Transportation and Local Government
Senate Committee Local Government
Date Introduced 03/26/2019

The process for review and approval by a county of subdivision
plats or other plans and agreements affecting certain land use
determinations must be conducted pursuant to county resolutions,

ordinances, or regulations. The bill provides that such resolutions,
ordinances, or regulations may provide for the delegation by a board of
county commissioners (board) to one or more county administrative
officials the authority to:
  • Approve or deny final plats, amendments to final plats, and
correction plats;
  • Approve subdivision improvement agreements and other
agreements required in connection with a final plat, an
amendment to a final plat, or correction plat; and
  • Review and approve the data, surveys, analyses, studies,
plans and designs submitted in connection with a final plat,
amendment to a final plat, or correction plat.
Any delegation of authority made pursuant to the bill does not
  • The approval of any exception to, waiver of, or deviation
from any state or county requirement regarding the
subdivision of land;
  • The approval of any agreement for the expenditure of
public funds; or
  • The waiver or restriction of any appeal process provided by
county resolution, ordinance, or regulation.
Any delegation of authority made pursuant to the bill must include
procedures for public notice and the submission of written comments
prior to the administrative approval or denial of a final plat or amendment
to a final plat and for the appeal to a board of such administrative
approval or denial.

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