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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Bill Detail: HB19-1293

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Title Government Youth Apprenticeship Program Stipends
Status House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor Postpone Indefinitely (04/17/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • State Government
House Sponsors B. Buentello (D)
A. Garnett (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Bridges (D)
B. Rankin (R)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee
Date Introduced 03/29/2019

The bill creates the government youth apprenticeship stipend
program (program) in the state work force development council (council)
to provide grants to certain nonprofit organizations to enable the
nonprofit organizations to provide stipends to governmental entities that
offer government youth apprenticeships. The bill specifies that

governmental entities include the state and any state agency or institution,
including the judicial and legislative departments, a county, city and
county, incorporated city or town, school district, special improvement
district, and authority.
The bill specifies the dates by which a nonprofit organization must
apply to the council for grant money and dates by which the council is
required to award and distribute the grants to one or more nonprofit
organizations. The nonprofit organizations that receive a grant are
required to use the grant money to distribute stipends to governmental
entities that apply for the stipend.
The bill specifies limitations on the amount of the stipend that may
be provided to a governmental entity for a single government youth
apprenticeship. The bill also specifies limitations on the number of
stipends that may be provided to a single governmental entity in any
calendar year. In addition, the bill specifies that a nonprofit organization
that receives grant money is required to use at least 20% of the total
amount awarded to provide stipends to governmental entities located in
a rural area.
A governmental entity must apply to a nonprofit organization that
received a grant to receive a stipend for its government youth
apprenticeship. To be eligible to receive a stipend, a governmental entity
is required to satisfy certain specified criteria, including the contribution
of at least $2,000 toward the costs of a government youth apprenticeship.
A governmental entity that receives a stipend is required to use the money
from the stipend, as well as the $2,000 that the governmental entity
contributes to the government youth apprenticeship, only for certain
specified purposes.
The bill creates the government youth apprenticeship stipend fund
(fund) in the state treasury and requires the state treasurer to transfer $2
million from the general fund to the fund in the 2019-20, 2020-21, and
2021-22 state fiscal years.
The council is required to submit an annual report on the program
as part of the Colorado talent pipeline report that is prepared and
submitted to the governor and the general assembly.

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