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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Bill Detail: HB19-1321

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Title Electronic Verification Of Identification For A Motor Vehicle Rental
Status Governor Signed (05/31/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Transportation & Motor Vehicles
House Sponsors D. Williams (R)
J. Coleman (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Priola (R)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 04/12/2019

Current law prohibits a person from renting a motor vehicle to
another person until the prospective lessor of the vehicle has inspected the
prospective lessee's driver's license and compared and verified the
signature on the license with the prospective lessee's signature in his or
her presence. The bill removes the requirement that the inspection be
performed in the prospective lessee's presence and provides that the

inspection may be performed through the use of an electronic device. The
bill requires the prospective lessor to verify that the prospective lessee's
license is unexpired.
Current law requires a person who rents a motor vehicle to another
person to keep a record of the registration number of the motor vehicle,
the name and address of the other person, the number of the license of the
other person, and the date and place when and where the license was
issued. The bill removes the requirement that the record include the date
that the license was issued and permits the person who rents the motor
vehicle to maintain the record in an electronic format.

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