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Bill Detail: HB20-1175

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Title Modify Certain Tax Statutes To Address Defects
Status Sent to the Governor (03/23/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Fiscal Policy & Taxes
House Sponsors H. McKean (R)
D. Valdez (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Tate (R)
House Committee State, Veterans, and Military Affairs
Senate Committee Business, Labor and Technology
Date Introduced 01/28/2020

Statutory Revision Committee. Section 1 of the bill addresses an
inconsistency in statute regarding section 39-21-113 (4), Colorado
Revised Statutes, which prohibits the disclosure by the executive director
of the department of revenue and his or her agents, clerks, and employees
of information obtained during the course of investigations conducted by
the department or disclosed in any document, report, or return filed in

connection with the collection and payment of tax. Various provisions of
the section allow for exceptions to the prohibition, but not all of them are
listed together and therefore the bill updates the section to reflect all the
exceptions to the prohibition.
Section 2 adds some missed mandatory electronic filing and
payment requirements that didn't make it into the correct section of House
Bill 19-1256, which broadly authorized the department of revenue to
promulgate rules requiring mandatory electronic filing and payment.
Section 3 fixes a conflict with regard to the tax threshold above
which a taxpayer must remit estimated payments between 2 statutes that
jointly impose payment requirements for severance tax on corporations.

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