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Bill Detail: HB20-1264

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Title Health Care Contract Hospital System Carriers Providers
Status Introduced In House - Assigned to Health & Insurance (02/03/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
House Sponsors C. Kennedy (D)
Senate Sponsors
House Committee Health and Insurance
Senate Committee
Date Introduced 02/03/2020

The bill prohibits a health system from requiring a carrier, as a
condition of a contract for the delivery of health care services, to:
  • Contract with every hospital or other facility within the
health system;
  • Agree to provide the same reimbursement rates at each
hospital or other facility within the health system; or

  • Contract with all of the hospitals in the health system in
order to access a lower reimbursement rate than is
otherwise offered by the health system.
The bill also precludes a hospital or health system from, as a
condition of a contract:
  • Prohibiting a carrier from contracting with any other
hospital or health system;
  • Prohibiting a health care provider or provider group from
contracting with any other hospital or health system.
The bill states that if, pursuant to the terms of employment or
certain contract terms, a health care provider is prohibited from referring
a patient to a health care provider outside the health system in which the
referring provider is employed or contracted, the health care provider
must disclose this restriction to any patient who the health care provider
refers to another health care provider within the same health system.
The bill makes necessary conforming amendments.

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