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Legislative Year: 2021 Change

Bill Detail: HB21-1135

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Title Health-care Cost-sharing Consumer Protections
Status House Committee on Health & Insurance Postpone Indefinitely (03/23/2021)
Bill Subjects
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
House Sponsors S. Lontine (D)
Senate Sponsors R. Fields (D)
House Committee Health and Insurance
Senate Committee
Date Introduced 03/01/2021

The bill defines a health-care cost-sharing arrangement as a
health care sharing ministry or medical cost-sharing community that
collects money from its members on a regular basis, at levels established
by the arrangement, for purposes of sharing, covering, or defraying the
medical costs of its members. A health-care cost-sharing arrangement is
required to:

  • Report specified information to the commissioner of
insurance (commissioner) regarding its operations,
financial statements, membership, and medical bills
submitted, paid, and denied in Colorado;
  • Provide certain written disclosures to potential and
renewing members, post the disclosures on its website, if
the arrangement has a website, and include the disclosures
in its marketing materials;
  • Provide specified written statements about arrangement
finances and guidelines about arrangement procedures to
members; and
  • Respond to requests for payment of medical expenses from
members or health-care providers within a period specified
by the commissioner by rule.
An insurance broker that offers a health-care cost-sharing
arrangement in this state is required to provide written or electronic
disclosures about the product to prospective members before selling the
arrangement to the person.
The commissioner is authorized to:
  • Adopt rules to implement the data reporting, disclosure,
and response time requirements;
  • Impose fines for failure to comply with the requirements
and prohibitions specified in the bill;
  • Issue an emergency, ex parte cease-and-desist order against
a person the commissioner believes to be violating the bill
if it appears to the commissioner that the alleged conduct
is fraudulent, creates an immediate danger to public safety,
or is causing or is reasonably expected to cause significant,
imminent, and irreparable public injury; and
  • Impose a civil penalty, order restitution, or both, against a
person that violates an ex parte cease-and-desist order.
A person is prohibited from making, issuing, circulating, or
causing to be made, issued, or circulated any statement or publication that
misrepresents the medical cost-sharing benefits, advantages, conditions,
or terms of any health-care cost-sharing arrangement.

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