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Bill Detail: HB22-1346

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Title Electrician Plumber Licensing Apprentice Ratio
Status Governor Signed (06/08/2022)
Bill Subjects
  • Labor & Employment
  • Professions & Occupations
House Sponsors M. Duran (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Danielson (D)
House Committee Business Affairs and Labor
Senate Committee Finance
Date Introduced 03/28/2022

Sections 2 and 6 of the bill authorize the director of the division
of professions and occupations in the department of regulatory agencies
to appoint or employ individuals who are licensed or, if not licensed, who
demonstrate substantial work experience in the electrical, plumbing, or
construction industry to:
  • Conduct compliance checks to ensure compliance with
licensing and supervisor-to-apprentice ratio requirements
applicable to electricians and plumbers on projects
throughout the state; and
  • Prioritize for compliance checks projects that provide or
will provide critical needs to state residents.
The bill also:
  • Specifies that only a homeowner performing work on the
homeowner's home or a licensed master electrician or
plumber who is either a registered electrical or plumbing
contractor or directly employed by a registered electrical or
plumbing contractor may apply for an electrical or a
plumbing permit (sections 3 and 7);
  • Prohibits a licensed master electrician or plumber who is
not a registered electrical or plumbing contractor and who
is working as an independent contractor from applying for
an electrical or a plumbing permit (sections 3 and 7) and
makes a violation of this prohibition specific grounds for
discipline by the electrical or plumbing board, as applicable
(sections 4 and 5);
  • Requires the entity issuing the permit to verify that the
applicant meets the qualifications to apply for the permit
(sections 3 and 7); and
  • Requires inspecting entity procedures to include a
provision allowing the inspecting entity to request worker
documentation indicating compliance with worker license
requirements and the supervisor-to-apprentice ratio
(sections 3 and 7).
Additionally, current law specifies that a single licensed electrician
or plumber may supervise no more than 3 apprentices on any one job site.
For nonresidential electrical and plumbing work, sections 1 and 8 reduce
the supervisor-to-apprentice ratio to 1-to-2 starting July 1, 2025, and to
1-to-1 on and after July 1, 2028.

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