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Bill Detail: HB22-1375

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Title Child Residential Treatment And Runaway Youth
Status Governor Signed (06/07/2022)
Bill Subjects
  • Children & Domestic Matters
House Sponsors D. Michaelson Jenet (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Buckner (D)
House Committee Public and Behavioral Health & Human Services
Senate Committee Appropriations
Date Introduced 04/14/2022

The bill requires the state department of human services (state
department) to develop and implement a quality assurance and
accountability system (system) to set quality measures for certain
residential child care facilities (residential treatment facilities). The
system includes quality assurance standards and a collaborative model of
quality improvement in which providers and oversight agencies work

together to ensure that residential treatment facilities meet the quality
assurance standards. The state department must enter into an agreement
with an institution of higher education to collaborate and assist the state
department with developing the system.
The state department shall implement the system statewide on or
before July 1, 2026. Prior to implementing the system statewide, the state
department shall convene an advisory group to advise the state
department on the development of the system and convene an
implementation team to run a pilot program of the system. The state
department is required to annually report to the general assembly about
the system.
The bill creates the Timothy Montoya task force to prevent
children from running away from out-of-home placement (task force) in
the office of the child protection ombudsman. The task force must
analyze the root causes of why children run away from out-of-home
placement; develop a consistent, prompt, and effective response to
recover missing children; and address the safety and well-being of a child
who has run away upon the child's return to out-of-home placement.
The office of the child protection ombudsman must enter into an
agreement with an institution of higher education to perform research that
supports the task force's work and conduct focus groups with children in
out-of-home placement, young adults who have aged out of the child
protection system, and out-of-home placement providers.
The task force is required to issue a preliminary report by October
1, 2023, and a final report by October 1, 2024, that each include the task
force's findings and recommendations to reduce the number children who
run away from out-of-home placement.

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