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Bill Detail: SB19-065

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Title Peer Assistance Emergency Medical Service Provider
Status Governor Signed (05/14/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
House Sponsors T. Exum Sr. (D)
Senate Sponsors L. Garcia (D)
House Committee Public Health Care and Human Services
Senate Committee Health and Human Services
Date Introduced 01/10/2019

The bill creates a peer health assistance program (program) for
emergency medical service providers funded through fees collected from
each applicant upon initial or renewal of a certification as an emergency
medical service provider. The state board of health (board) is required to
select one or more peer health assistance programs as designated
providers. To be selected as a provider, the program must:

  • Provide for the education of emergency medical service
providers with respect to the recognition and prevention of
physical, emotional, and psychological problems and
provide for intervention when necessary or under
circumstances that may be established by rules promulgated
by the board;
  • Offer assistance to an emergency medical service provider
in identifying physical, emotional, or psychological
  • Evaluate the extent of physical, emotional, or psychological
problems and refer the emergency medical service provider
for appropriate treatment;
  • Monitor the status of an emergency medical service
provider who has been referred for treatment;
  • Provide counseling and support for the emergency medical
service provider and for the family of any emergency
medical service provider referred for treatment;
  • Agree to receive referrals from the board; and
  • Agree to make services available to all certified emergency
medical service providers.

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