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Bill Detail: SB19-183

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Title Alternate Procedure To Reorganize School Districts
Status Governor Signed (04/16/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
House Sponsors J. Wilson (R)
D. Michaelson Jenet (D)
Senate Sponsors N. Todd (D)
K. Priola (R)
House Committee Education
Senate Committee Education
Date Introduced 03/04/2019

The bill creates an alternate process for the dissolution and
annexation of a school district. Pursuant to the bill, if a school district
meets specified criteria, the board of education of the school district
(local school board) may seek dissolution and annexation of the school
district by convening an organization planning committee (committee)

that consists of representation from the local school board of the
dissolving school district and the local school boards of the contiguous
school districts. The local school board of the dissolving school district
must notify the commissioner of education (commissioner) when a
committee is formed. The committee must create a proposed plan of
organization (plan) that dissolves the convening school district and
annexes the territory of the dissolved school district to one or more of the
contiguous school districts. The bill specifies the issues that the
committee must consider in creating the plan.
After adopting the proposed plan, the committee must submit the
proposed plan to the commissioner and the local school boards of the
affected school districts and provide notice of public hearings on the
proposed plan. After holding public hearings, the committee must work
with the commissioner to develop and adopt a final plan of organization.
Within a set time after the final plan is adopted, the local school board of
each affected school district must adopt the final plan by written
resolution. If a local school board does not adopt the plan and there are
only 2 affected school districts, or if the plan is not approved by at least
2 of the affected school districts, the committee is dissolved. If fewer than
all but at least 2 of the affected school districts approve the plan, the
committee may continue and prepare a new plan that involves only the
school districts of the local school boards that approved the final
approved plan.
Following approval of a final plan by the local school boards of all
of the affected school districts, the county clerk and recorder for each
affected county must file a map and legal description of the annexing
school districts with the commissioner. The final plan takes effect on the
date specified in the plan, and the final plan must be available for public
review upon request. If the dissolved district has a certain level of
indebtedness that is not bonded indebtedness, an annexing school district,
after the effective date of the annexation and subject to voter approval,
may levy a temporary tax of a specified amount on the annexed property
to retire the indebtedness.
The bill clarifies that, if the dissolving school district has bonded
indebtedness existing as of the date of the dissolution and annexation and
the annexing school district or school districts do not vote to assume the
amount of the bonded indebtedness, the bonded indebtedness continues
to be paid by the existing levy against the property of the dissolved school
district, collected by the annexing school district or school districts.

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