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Bill Detail: SB19-190

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Title Teacher Preparation Program Support
Status Governor Signed (05/10/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Higher Education
House Sponsors J. Wilson (R)
B. McLachlan (D)
Senate Sponsors N. Todd (D)
B. Rankin (R)
House Committee Education
Senate Committee Education
Date Introduced 03/08/2019

The bill allows an institution of higher education (institution) to
enter into a fee-for-service contract with the department of higher
education (department) for the delivery of an approved educator

preparation program or an alternative teacher program (preparation
program) as a specialty program if the preparation program meets the
requirements specified in the bill, including strong partnerships with
school districts, boards of cooperative services that operate public
schools, and charter schools (local education providers); a full-year of
classroom residency co-teaching alongside a mentor teacher; and
financial support for teacher candidates during the year of classroom
A partnership may include one or more institutions and one or
more local education providers. Through a partnership, the institution and
local education providers may identify teaching schools to provide
clinical practice opportunities, induction programs for program graduates,
professional development for mid-career and veteran teachers, and work
exchange opportunities for program faculty and teachers employed by the
local education providers.
The bill specifies that the full year of classroom residency must
ensure that the teacher candidate is mentored by a highly effective veteran
teacher who holds a master certificate from the department of education.
A preparation program may provide training for mentor teachers, and a
mentor teacher who completes the training and at least one year as a
mentor teacher may apply to the department of education for a mentor
teacher license endorsement. For a school year in which a mentor teacher
mentors a teacher candidate, the preparation program and the local
education provider must jointly provide a stipend to the mentor teacher
of at least $2,000. A mentor teacher may count service as a mentor
teacher as professional development for purposes of renewing the
teacher's license and master certificate. The bill provides that, during the
year of classroom residency, the preparation program in which a teacher
candidate is enrolled must pay the teacher candidate a stipend of at least
The bill creates the classroom residency design grant program
(grant program) to provide grants to preparation programs and local
education providers that together design a classroom residency program.
The preparation program and local education provider must also work
with an established teacher residency program in designing the new
classroom residency program. The department administers the grant
program, and the Colorado commission on higher education
(commission) awards the grants.
The bill requires the department to prepare an annual report
concerning the opportunities for clinical practice, induction program
support, and other professional development provided by preparation
programs. The department must submit the report to the commission, the
department of education, the state board of education, and the education
committees of the general assembly. The department must also post the
report on its website.
The bill relocates with nonsubstantive changes the existing
collaborative educator preparation grant program and the Rural Colorado
Grow Your Own Educator Act, which provides grants for teaching
fellowship programs.
The bill directs the department of education to collaborate with the
department of higher education to create a mentor teacher endorsement
for teachers who hold master certificates and provide mentoring and
oversight for teacher candidates.

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