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Bill Detail: SB19-244

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Title Management Of Legislative Workplace Conduct
Status Introduced In Senate - Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs (04/15/2019)
Bill Subjects
House Sponsors S. Lontine (D)
Senate Sponsors F. Winter (D)
R. Gardner (R)
House Committee
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 04/15/2019

Section 1 creates the office of legislative workplace relations
(office) within the office of legislative legal services and makes the
records of that office exempt from public inspection. The office is
charged with handling employee relations, including the handling of
complaints under the workplace expectations and workplace harassment
policies. Records of the office related to complaints, investigations, and

other inquiries are exempted from the definition of public records and are
not subject to public inspection; except that the office is required to
release an annual statistical report of the numbers of complaints received
and their resolution. In addition, if a workplace harassment committee
finds that it is more likely than not that a legislator violated the policy, the
committee must release the report unless it decides by a two-thirds vote
not to do so.
Section 2 allows a state public body to meet in executive session
to consider a matter related to the workplace harassment or workplace
expectations policies of the general assembly.
Section 3 makes a conforming amendment in the Colorado Open
Records Act (CORA), clarifying that all custodians are required to deny
a request to inspect records that are created or provided by the general
assembly's office of legislative workplace relations and that relate to
complaints, investigations, or inquiries or requests related to workplace
harassment or conduct under the general assembly's policies.
Section 4 provides that a disclosure of an intimate relationship
filed in accordance with a policy of the general assembly is part of an
individual's personnel file, and therefore not subject to public inspection
under CORA.

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