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Bill Detail: SB19-SCR003

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Title Replace Motor Fuel Taxes With Additional Sales Tax
Status Senate Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely (04/18/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Fiscal Policy & Taxes
  • Transportation & Motor Vehicles
House Sponsors M. Gray (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Priola (R)
House Committee
Senate Committee Transportation and Energy
Date Introduced 04/05/2019

If approved by the voters of the state at the November 2020
general election, the concurrent resolution will amend the state
constitution to require the general assembly to enact a law that will:
  • Effective July 1, 2021, repeal existing state excise taxes on
gasoline and other liquid motor fuel, including diesel,
compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and liquefied
petroleum gas (motor fuel taxes); except that the law shall
not repeal the existing state excise tax on aviation fuel used
for aviation purposes;
  • On and after July 1, 2021, levy an additional state sales and
use tax (additional sales tax) at a rate calculated to generate
the amount of net revenue needed to offset 99% of the state
revenue loss resulting from the repeal of the motor fuel
taxes for state fiscal year 2021-22; and
  • Require the net revenue generated by the additional sales
tax to be credited to the highway users tax fund (HUTF),
initially allocated to the state, counties, and municipalities
in a manner that preserves existing HUTF allocations as
nearly as possible, and used exclusively for the
construction, maintenance, and supervision of the surface
transportation system of the state.
The concurrent resolution specifies that for purposes of the
Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, its approval by the voters of the state
constitutes voter approval in advance for the state to levy the additional
sales tax and to retain and spend all revenue generated by the additional
state sales and use tax during a state fiscal year that exceeds the amount
of revenue generated during the 2020-21 state fiscal year by the repealed
gasoline and special fuel taxes as a voter-approved revenue change.

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