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Bill Detail: SB20-136

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Title Statutory Revision Commitee Omnibus Bill
Status Signed by the Speaker of the House (03/17/2020)
Bill Subjects
House Sponsors J. Arndt (D)
Senate Sponsors D. Moreno (D)
House Committee State, Veterans, and Military Affairs
Senate Committee Judiciary
Date Introduced 01/27/2020

Statutory Revision Committee. The bill makes the following
changes to Colorado Revised Statutes, in accordance with the statutory
charge of the statutory revision committee:
  • Section 1 of the bill contains a nonstatutory legislative
declaration reflecting the scope of the statutory revision

committee as it applies to the bill;
  • Sections 2-14 update incorrect references in statute related
to the term commitment, as used in the context of
treatment and evaluation of mental health disorders, to the
current language of certification;
  • Sections 15-19 repeal subsections in title 43 that reference
obsolete provisions or actions that have already occurred
and are no longer relevant, including deleting references to
the terms motorscooter and motorbicycle, which were
removed from statute by H.B. 09-1026;
  • Sections 20-28 conform and update obsolete federal
references for the definition of a federally qualified health
  • Sections 29-32 update outdated references to the Colorado
tourism board and replace them with the Colorado
tourism office and repeal a reference to a one-time transfer
to a now-defunct tourism promotion fund;
  • Sections 33-38 repeal outdated and previously repealed
references to the pilot alternate protest procedure in title
39; and
  • Sections 39-54 update, repeal, or correct miscellaneous
references to programs, funds, boards or commissions,
terminology, or other provisions in statute that conflict with
current law.

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