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Bill Detail: SB20-192

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Title Staffing Agency Requirements For Employees
Status Senate Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely (05/26/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Labor & Employment
House Sponsors E. Sirota (D)
S. Woodrow (D)
Senate Sponsors J. Gonzales (D)
R. Rodriguez (D)
House Committee
Senate Committee Judiciary
Date Introduced 03/04/2020

The bill requires a staffing agency that places temporary and
part-time employees with work-site employers to provide the employees
specific information concerning the terms and conditions of employment.
The information must be provided in writing before the end of the first
pay period.

The bill requires the staffing agency to post a notice in its
workplace that includes the name and telephone number of the division
of labor standards and statistics (division) in the department of labor and
employment and a description of employees' rights to the receipt of the
required terms and conditions of employment.
A staffing agency and a work-site employer are prohibited from
charging an employee:
  • A fee for certain work-related expenses or deducting
expenses from the employee's wages without authorization
from the employee;
  • The cost of required specific transportation services; or
  • More than the actual cost of optional transportation.
The bill prohibits a staffing agency from knowingly issuing,
distributing, circulating, or providing false, fraudulent, or misleading
information to an employee or applicant for employment and from
refusing to refund fees or costs owed to the employee.
The bill requires each staffing agency to annually register and pay
a fee to the division. Each staffing agency is required to submit
information to the division in a form and manner required by the division.
The division is required to maintain a list of the registration status of each
staffing agency on its website. Employers who use staffing agencies are
required to verify whether the staffing agency is registered with the
division. The division may assess a fine for a violation and may revoke
or suspend the registration of a staffing agency for any violation.
The division is authorized to promulgate rules, including rules that
state the information that a staffing agency is required to submit to the
division and that establish circumstances where a staffing agency's
registration may be revoked or suspended.

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