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Legislative Year: 2021 Change

Bill Detail: SB21-034

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Title Water Resource Financing Enterprise
Status Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely (03/11/2021)
Bill Subjects
  • Water
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors D. Coram (R)
House Committee
Senate Committee Agriculture and Natural Resources
Date Introduced 02/16/2021

The bill creates the water resources financing enterprise
(enterprise). The board of the enterprise (board) consists of the board of
directors of the Colorado water resources and power development

authority and the board members of the Colorado water conservation
board. The enterprise will provide financing to water providers, defined
to include drinking water suppliers, wastewater treatment suppliers, and
raw water suppliers. Raw water suppliers are limited to those that provide
raw water for treatment and use as drinking water.
Customers of a drinking water supplier will pay a fee to the
supplier, who will transmit it to the enterprise to be used for the
financing. The fee for each individual metered connection in a drinking
water supplier's public water system is 25 cents per 1,000 gallons of
drinking water delivered per month in excess of the first 4,000 gallons of
drinking water delivered in that month to the individual metered
connection. The board may adjust the fee based on inflation and equity
concerns for large nonresidential customers and customers who pay tiered
rates that start higher than 4,000 gallons per month.
The enterprise can provide financing for grants, loans, and in-kind
technical assistance in arranging third-party financing. In determining
whether to provide financing, the board shall consider the following
  • A water provider's ability to pay, including whether the
water provider has sought or received other financial
  • Whether a water provider has been found to be
noncompliant with requirements, or is subject to increased
requirements, related to the provision of raw water,
drinking water, or wastewater treatment;
  • Whether the proposed use of financing relates to a project
identified in and in furtherance of the state water plan; and
  • The geographic location and demographic characteristics
of the water provider and its customers.
The enterprise shall provide, and a water provider may use, the
financing only:
  • In connection with the provision of raw water, drinking
water, or wastewater treatment; and
  • For feasibility studies, consulting, planning, permitting, and
construction of infrastructure and water conservation
projects and related recreational, hydroelectric, and flood
control facilities, including necessary enlargement and
rehabilitation of facilities but excluding maintenance and
operation of facilities.

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