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Legislative Year: 2021 Change

Bill Detail: SB21-079

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Title Deregulate Meat Sales Direct To Consumers
Status Governor Signed (04/29/2021)
Bill Subjects
  • Agriculture
  • Business & Economic Development
House Sponsors D. Valdez (D)
R. Pelton (R)
Senate Sponsors J. Sonnenberg (R)
House Committee Agriculture, Livestock, and Water
Senate Committee Health and Human Services
Date Introduced 02/16/2021

Section 1 of the bill allows a person to sell, without licensure,
regulation, or inspection by a public health agency, poultry meat, rabbit
meat, or fish meat if the animal was raised by the seller and to sell shares
in the meat of an animal, which includes cattle, calves, sheep, poultry,
hogs, rabbits, and fish, for future delivery if:

  • The person displays, at the point of sale, a conspicuous
disclaimer, or gives the purchaser a document with a
disclaimer, that:
  • The seller is not licensed and the animals or meat
are not subject to state regulation or inspection by a
public health agency; and
  • The animals or meat are not intended for resale; and
  • The animals or meat are delivered directly from the seller
to an informed end consumer, are sold only in Colorado,
and the sale does not involve interstate commerce.
The purchaser is prohibited from reselling the animal or meat. The
bill clarifies that the seller is not liable in a civil action for damages
caused by inadequately cooking or improperly preparing the animal or
meat for consumption.
Section 2 limits the number of brand inspections for an animal
share sale to a single inspection before slaughter. Each purchaser must be
listed on the inspection certificate. The state board of stock inspection
commissioners will promulgate rules establishing procedures for a single

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