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Bill Detail: SB21-189

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Title Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project
Status Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources Refer Amended to Appropriations (04/01/2021)
Bill Subjects
  • Water
House Sponsors J. Arndt (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Donovan (D)
House Committee
Senate Committee Agriculture and Natural Resources
Date Introduced 03/19/2021

The bill appropriates the following amounts from the Colorado
water conservation board (CWCB) construction fund to the CWCB or the
division of water resources in the department of natural resources for the
following projects:
  • Continuation of the satellite monitoring system, $100,000

(section 1 of the bill);
  • Continuation of the Colorado floodplain map
modernization program, $500,000 (section 2);
  • Continuation of the weather modification permitting
program, $350,000 (section 3); and
  • Continuation of technical assistance for federal cost-share
programs, $300,000 (section 4).
Section 5 directs the state treasurer to transfer up to $2,000,000
from the CWCB construction fund to the litigation fund on July 1, 2021.
Section 6 authorizes the CWCB to make a loan in an amount up
to $3,000,000 from the CWCB construction fund or the severance tax
perpetual base fund to the Colorado Rio Grande Restoration Foundation
in furtherance of the San Luis valley confined aquifer recovery project.
Section 7 reinstates severance tax funding of the water efficiency
grant program by authorizing a transfer of $550,000 in each state fiscal
year commencing on or after July 1, 2021, from the grant program reserve
of the severance tax operational fund, which reserve is part of the tier 2
funding that is used only if the general assembly chooses not to spend
100% of the money in the operational fund on core departmental
programs, to the water efficiency grant program cash fund. The reinstated
funding is repealed on July 1, 2030, when the water efficiency grant
program is scheduled to repeal.

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