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Bill Detail: SB21-262

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Title Special District Transparency
Status Governor Signed (06/28/2021)
Bill Subjects
  • Local Government
House Sponsors H. McKean (R)
S. Bird (D)
Senate Sponsors R. Zenzinger (D)
R. Gardner (R)
House Committee Transportation and Local Government
Senate Committee Local Government
Date Introduced 05/05/2021

The bill makes various changes to statutory provisions to promote
transparency for special districts. Specifically:
  • Under current law, the designated election official is
required to provide notice by publication of a call for
nominations for a regular local government election.
Section 1 of the bill eliminates the requirement that notice
be made exclusively by publication and allows the notice
to be made by any 2 of 5 means, including publication,

specified in the bill.
  • Section 2 exempts inactive special districts from new
requirements under the bill concerning maintenance of a
district's website and a district's annual report;
  • Section 3 requires a metropolitan district, by a certain date,
to establish, maintain, and annually update an official
website in a form that is readily accessible to the public that
contains information that is specified in the bill;
  • Section 4 adds to existing statutory requirements regarding
the annual report to be filed by a special district and,
among other things, supplements the type of information to
be included in the annual report;
  • In the case of any contracts or agreements entered into by
the special district with a person or private entity for the
person or private entity's advance of funds on behalf or for
the benefit of the special district for the design or
construction of public improvements that is anticipated to
result in a future reimbursement of the person or private
entity by the special district for the costs associated with
the design or construction, section 5 requires that, prior to
payment or reimbursement of the advance of funds by the
special district, a professional engineer registered in the
state of Colorado prepares a written certification attesting
to various statements enumerated in the bill;
  • Section 6 prohibits a metropolitan district from exercising
its power of dominant eminent domain within a
municipality or the unincorporated area of a county, other
than within the boundaries of the jurisdiction that approved
its service plan, without a written resolution approving the
exercise of dominant eminent domain by the governing
body of the municipality in connection with property that
is located within an incorporated area or by the board of
county commissioners of the county in connection with
property that is located within an unincorporated area; and
  • Section 7 requires, on and after January 1, 2022, each
owner of real property that sells real property that includes
a newly constructed residence that is located within a
metropolitan district, concurrently with or prior to the
execution of a contract to sell the property, to provide to
the purchaser of the property certain information or
statements specified in the bill relating to the finances of
the metropolitan district, including information about the
debt obligations of the district and an estimate of property
taxes applicable to the property at the time of the sale.

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