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Legislative Year: 2022 Change

Bill Detail: SB22-127

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Title Special Education Funding
Status Governor Signed (05/26/2022)
Bill Subjects
  • Education & School Finance (Pre & K-12)
House Sponsors C. Larson (R)
J. McCluskie (D)
Senate Sponsors R. Zenzinger (D)
B. Kirkmeyer (R)
House Committee Education
Senate Committee Education
Date Introduced 02/08/2022

Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance. Current law
requires the department of education to distribute to each administrative
unit $1,250 for each child with a disability who receives special education
services from the administrative unit. The bill increases the amount to
$1,750 and requires the amount to increase by the rate of inflation each
budget year beginning with the 2024-25 budget year.
The bill increases the required annual appropriation by an
additional $40 million to fund children who have one or more disabilities
Capital letters or bold & italic numbers indicate new material to be added to existing law.
and receive special education services from an administrative unit and
requires the amount to increase by the rate of inflation each budget year
beginning with the 2024-25 budget year.
The bill requires the special education fiscal advisory committee
to submit a report to the education committees of the general assembly on
or before January 1, 2023. The report must include the following
  • An analysis of funding for special education services in
other states compared to the funding model used in
Colorado, with a focus on the proportionate share between
federal, state, and local funding and how other states fund
different categories of disabilities to target the needs of
children with disabilities;
  • An analysis of the actual costs to provide special education
services to children with disabilities in Colorado;
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of the current model for
funding special education services, including whether the
current funding model adequately supports special
education services;
  • An examination of the high-cost special education trust
fund (fund) that includes how the fund is operated, who
receives funding from the fund, and how the fund impacts
those who receive funds;
  • An analysis of the current disability categories for children
with disabilities and whether the disability categories are
sufficient for meeting the needs of children with
disabilities; and
  • Recommended changes, if any, to the special education
services funding model.

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