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Tom Sullivan either initiated these bills in his/her own chamber or is the invited primary sponsor in the other chamber.

Action on sponsored bills:

Total bills sponsored: 7
Bills signed by the governor 2
Bills vetoed by the governor 0
Bills postponed indefinitely 0
  Bill No. Title Sponsor Subject Status Date
House Committee Senate Committee Flag Note
back to top HB21-1299 Office Of Gun Violence Prevention House:
T. Sullivan (D)
J. Bacon (D)
R. Fields (D)
C. Hansen (D)
- Public Health
Introduced In House - Assigned to Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services04/29/2021NonePublic and Behavioral Health & Human Services  2
back to top HB21-1264 Funds Workforce Development Increase Worker Skills House:
T. Sullivan (D)
M. Young (D)
D. Hisey (R)
C. Kolker (D)
- Labor & Employment
- State Revenue & Budget
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology04/06/202104/28/2021Business Affairs and LaborBusiness, Labor and Technology  2
back to top HB21-1245 On-track Equipment Railroad Crossings House:
T. Sullivan (D)
J. Ginal (D)
- Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Transportation & Energy03/24/202104/07/2021Transportation and Local GovernmentTransportation and Energy  2
back to top HB21-1186 Regional Transportation District Operation House:
M. Gray (D)
T. Sullivan (D)
F. Winter (D)
J. Bridges (D)
- Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments03/04/202104/27/2021Transportation and Local GovernmentTransportation and Energy  2
back to top HB21-1007 State Apprenticeship Agency House:
T. Sullivan (D)
D. Ortiz (D)
J. Danielson (D)
R. Rodriguez (D)
- Labor & Employment
House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor Refer Amended to Appropriations02/16/202103/11/2021Business Affairs and Labor  2
back to top SB21-078 Lost Or Stolen Firearms Senate:
J. Danielson (D)
S. Jaquez Lewis (D)
L. Herod (D)
T. Sullivan (D)
- Crimes, Corrections, & Enforcement
Governor Signed02/16/202103/23/2021JudiciaryJudiciary  2
back to top SB21-024 Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day Senate:
B. Rankin (R)
S. Jaquez Lewis (D)
T. Sullivan (D)
- State Government
Governor Signed02/16/202103/18/2021State, Civic, Military and Veterans AffairsState, Veterans and Military Affairs  2
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