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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

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Colorado's 2019 session wrapped up on Monday, June 3, when the Governor signed his final bills.  It looks like 455 bills passed and were signed, 5 were vetoed, and 138 failed one way or the other. 

Legislators took hundreds of votes.  You can see 1st committee, appropriations, and third reading votes on all bills HERE.

The legislative agenda followed the Democratic majority's will.  Its effects include new standards for oil and gas drilling along with more local control, support for climate change initiatives, more help for working women with equal wage laws, mild improvement in education finance, more money for higher ed at long last, and possible initiatives for transportation.

The next session will have to follow up on FAMLI leave and review results of many health care reports and changes to determine whether costs can be managed and lowered.  One bill will collect data on climate change, so those results may lead to more climate projects.

Democrats have at least one, probably three more years of unfettered legislative control. They've been able to move on many progressive fronts, but at some point will have to address more robustly concerns from such Republican strongholds as rural Colorado.  There, education funding and support for agriculture will be important.  

State Democrats are uniquely positioned today, as opposed to 2010 when Republicans were dominant during the Great Recession.  With the 2020 census and likely control of the legislature in 2021 and 2022, Democrats will be in a strong position into the next decade to run their agenda.  Republicans will have to navigate this new political environment, and work to attract the hundreds of thousands of new unaffiliated voters to turn around their circumstances.  That's the picture right now.  PEN

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