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Legislative Year: 2018 Change

House Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

SB18-105 by Senator(s) Baumgardner; also Representative(s) Pabon-
-Concerning clarifying changes to provisions that were
contained in House Bill 17-1367.
(Laid Over from February 20, 2018.)
HB18-1091 by Representative(s) Beckman and Ginal; also Senator(s)
Smallwood--Concerning dementia diseases, and, in
connection therewith, updating statutory references to
dementia diseases and related disabilities.
(Laid Over from February 20, 2018.)
HB18-1183 by Representative(s) Hooton and Ransom, Beckman,
Michaelson Jenet, Singer; also Senator(s) Baumgardner--
Concerning the continuation of the regulation of home
food service plans pursuant to the "Sale of Meat Act", and,
in connection therewith, implementing the department of
regulatory agencies' sunset review recommendation to
repeal the act.
(Laid Over from February 20, 2018.)
SB18-054 by Senator(s) Crowder, Jahn, Lundberg, Neville T.; also
Representative(s) Liston--Concerning a limitation on the
amount of an increase in fees assessed against assisted
living residences by the department of public health and
HB18-1134 by Representative(s) Pettersen and Wilson, Buckner; also
Senator(s) Merrifield and Martinez Humenik, Priola--
Concerning eligibility of kindergarten students funded
through early childhood at-risk enhancement positions.
SB18-025 by Senator(s) Priola; also Representative(s) Coleman--
Concerning modernization of election procedures for the
urban drainage and flood control district to conform with
the current requirements of state law.
HB18-1047 by Representative(s) Lontine; also Senator(s) Gardner--
Concerning technical modifications to the "Fair Campaign
Practices Act" to facilitate its administration.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, February 20, 2018.)
HB18-1227 by Representative(s) Herod and Wist; also Senator(s)
Cooke--Concerning the authority of the real estate
commission to issue licenses for an initial period of less
than three years.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, February 20, 2018.)
SB18-067 by Senator(s) Zenzinger and Priola, Cooke, Coram,
Donovan, Fenberg, Garcia, Guzman, Holbert, Jahn,
Kefalas, Kerr, Martinez Humenik, Merrifield, Moreno,
Smallwood, Tate, Todd, Williams A.; also
Representative(s) Kraft-Tharp and Van Winkle, Becker
J., Benavidez, Bridges, Esgar, Garnett, Ginal, Gray,
Hooton, Jackson, Kennedy, Lawrence, Leonard, McKean,
McLachlan, Michaelson Jenet, Roberts, Sias, Thurlow,
Winter, Wist--Concerning the ability of certain
organizations conducting a special event to auction alcohol
beverages in sealed containers for fundraising purposes
under specified circumstances.
SB18-050 by Senator(s) Smallwood; also Representative(s) Coleman
and Catlin
--Concerning including staff of free-standing
emergency facilities as part of Colorado's safe haven laws.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, February 20, 2018.)
HB18-1103 by Representative(s) McLachlan; also Senator(s) Coram--
Concerning the ability of a local government to require a
driver to meet safety standards for the use of an off-
highway vehicle.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, February 20, 2018.)
HB18-1210 by Representative(s) Foote; also Senator(s) Cooke--
Concerning peace officer status for the administrator of
judicial security in the Colorado judicial department.
HB18-1138 by Representative(s) Arndt, Hooton, McKean, Thurlow;
also Senator(s) Zenzinger, Martinez Humenik, Moreno,
Tate--Concerning standardizing public official oaths of
office, and, in connection therewith, providing a uniform
oath text and establishing requirements for taking,
subscribing, administering, and filing public oaths of
(Amended as printed in House Journal, February 20, 2018.)

Bills being heard:
    HB18-1047 Fair Campaign Practices Act Technical Changes
    HB18-1091 Dementia Diseases And Related Disabilities
    HB18-1103 Local Government Off-highway Vehicle Regulation
    HB18-1134 Use Of Colorado Preschool Program Positions
    HB18-1138 Public Official Oaths And Affirmations
    HB18-1183 Sunset Repeal Dept Agriculture Regulation Home Sale Of Meat
    HB18-1210 Administrator Of Judicial Security Peace Officer Status
    HB18-1227 Real Estate Commission Flexibility In License Periods
    SB18-025 Urban Drainage Flood Control District Elections
    SB18-050 Free-standing Emergency Facility As Safe Haven
    SB18-054 Cap Fee Increases Assisted Living Residences
    SB18-067 Auction Alcohol In Sealed Container Special Events
    SB18-105 Correction To House Bill 17-1367 Change "And" To "Or"
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