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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

House Chamber
Time: 10:00 AM

SB19-102 by Senator(s) Zenzinger, Todd, Donovan, Fenberg, Fields,
Moreno, Pettersen, Rodriguez, Williams A.; also
Representative(s) Titone--Concerning permitting a public
school to include operation as a community school in its
innovation plan.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 15, 2019.)
SB19-041 by Senator(s) Smallwood and Winter; also Representative(s) Kraft-Tharp--Concerning a required
contract provision regarding the payment of premiums by
a policyholder to a health insurance carrier for each
individual covered under a health insurance policy.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 15, 2019.)
HB19-1192 by Representative(s) Gonzales-Gutierrez and Buentello,
Benavidez, Buckner, Caraveo, Coleman, Duran, Galindo,
Herod, Jackson, Jaquez Lewis, Kennedy, Lontine, Melton,
Mullica, Singer, Sirota, Titone, Valdez A., Valdez D.,
Weissman; also Senator(s) Gonzales, Garcia, Moreno,
Rodriguez--Concerning the inclusion of matters relating to
American minorities in the teaching of social contributions
in civil government in public schools, and, in connection
therewith, establishing the history, culture, social
contributions, and civil government in education
commission to make recommendations to include the
history, culture, and social contributions of American
Indians, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian
Americans, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
individuals within these minority groups, the contributions
and persecution of religious minorities, and the
intersectionality of significant social and cultural features
within these communities, in the teaching and content
standards for history and civics, and making an

(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 15, 2019.)
HB19-1149 by Representative(s) Gonzales-Gutierrez; also Senator(s)
Lee--Concerning directing the age of delinquency task
force of the Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile
justice to study serving emerging adults in the juvenile
justice system.
(Amended as printed in House Journal, March 15, 2019.)

Bills being heard:
    HB19-1149 Age Of Delinquency Study
    HB19-1192 Inclusion Of American Minorities In Teaching Civil Government
    SB19-041 Health Insurance Contract Carrier And Policyholder
    SB19-102 Innovation School Operating As A Community School
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