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Legislative Year: 2020 Change

Senate Chamber
Time: 11:00 AM

SB20-113 by Senator(s) Tate; also Representative(s) Valdez D.--Concerning the mandatory contents of
each license issued to a health facility by the department of public health and environment.
SB20-043 by Senator(s) Tate; also Representative(s) Valdez D.--Concerning a correction to the rate of
reimbursement that an out-of-network health care provider is entitled to receive from a health
insurance carrier for services provided to a covered person at an in-network facility when the
health care provider submits a claim to the carrier within the specified time period to
conform with existing law.
SB20-090 by Senator(s) Winter; also Representative(s) Esgar and Titone--Concerning donations of
food to nonprofit organizations for distribution to needy individuals.
(Amended in General Orders as printed in Senate Journal, February 3, 2020.)
SB20-086 by Senator(s) Williams A. and Holbert; also Representative(s) (None)--Concerning
requirements associated with the expiration of legal authority to sell alcohol beverages, and,
in connection therewith, authorizing the executive director of the department of revenue to
notify alcohol beverage licensees of an expiring license by any reasonable means as
determined by rule and to establish a fee for renewal applications for license or permit
renewals for alcohol beverages and fermented malt beverages.

Bills being heard:
    SB20-043 Out-of-network Provider Reimbursement Rate
    SB20-086 Alcohol Beverage License And Permit Expiration
    SB20-090 Limit Liability For Food Donations To Nonprofits
    SB20-113 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Health Facility License Requirements
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