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Legislative Year: 2020 Change

Senate Committee Room 352
Time: 1:30 PM

SB20-095 by Senator(s) Holbert and Garcia; also Representative(s) Bockenfeld--Middle School
Students Concurrent Enrollment Info
SB20-123 by Senator(s) Fields and Bridges; also Representative(s) Coleman and Herod--
Compensation and Representation Of Student Athletes
SB20-001 by Senator(s) Fields; also Representative(s) Sirota and Van Winkle--Expand Behavioral
Hlth Training For K-12 Educators
SB20-014 by Senator(s) Fields; also Representative(s) Michaelson Jenet--Excused Absences In Public
Sch For Behavioral Hlth
SB20-081 by Senator(s) Danielson and Bridges; also Representative(s) Sullivan and Larson--School
Info For Apprenticeship Directory
Presentation from Colorado Digital Services and Empowered Learning
Presentation from Colorado BOCES

Bills being heard:
    SB20-001 Expand Behavioral Health Training For K-12 Educators
    SB20-014 Excused Absences In Public Schools For Behavioral Health
    SB20-081 School Information For Apprenticeship Directory
    SB20-095 Middle School Students Concurrent Enrollment Information
    SB20-123 Compensation And Representation Of Student Athletes
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