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Legislative Year: 2020 Change

Senate Chamber
Time: 9:00 AM

SJR20-007 by Senator(s) Story and Rankin; also Representative(s) Buentello and Geitner--Concerning
recognition of Military, Veterans, and MIA/POW Appreciation Day.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-008 by Senator(s) Williams A. and Fields; also Representative(s) Buckner and Exum--
Concerning recognition of African-American veterans.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-009 by Senator(s) Garcia and Hisey; also Representative(s) Esgar and Wilson--Concerning the
fifty-second anniversary of the capture of the U.S.S. Pueblo by North Korea.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-010 by Senator(s) Zenzinger and Marble; also Representative(s) Saine and Valdez D.--
Concerning honoring gold star families.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-011 by Senator(s) Donovan and Crowder; also Representative(s) McLachlan and Williams D.--
Concerning the recognition and remembrance of military veterans in Colorado who served in
the Vietnam War.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-012 by Senator(s) Todd and Gardner; also Representative(s) Weissman and Carver--
Concerning honoring Colorado veterans on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of World
War II.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)
SJR20-013 by Senator(s) Bridges and Lundeen; also Representative(s) Holtorf and Michaelson Jenet--
Concerning recognition of military personnel from Colorado who have served around the
world in the ongoing war against terrorism and honoring those who have died while serving
the cause of freedom.
(Laid Over from February 5, 2020.)

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