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based on: Post Election Senate Members including Newly Elected

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Office Name Party DistrictE-mailPhoneDonorsCandidate Committee Info
Senate Smallwood, J. (R) ** REP SD04
D: 18.3%
R: 40.6%
U: 39.6%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4869, 303-840-6533Donors

Name: COMMITTEE TO ELECT JIM SMALLWOOD Committee ID: 20165030199 Physical Address: 9428 MYSTIC COURT Committee Type: Candidate Committee         PARKER CO 80138 Status: Active Mailing Address: 9428 MYSTIC COURT Date Registered: 02/01/2016         PARKER CO 80138 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-840-6533     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT JAMES SMALLWOOD FOR SENATE DISTRICT 4 IN THE 2016 ELECTION.     Registered Agent: JAMES CALLAWAY SMALLWOOD JR. Phone: 303-840-6533 Email: SMALLWOODJIM@COMCAST.NET Designated Filing Agent: SHERYL FERNANDEZ Phone: 303-859-1421 Email: SHERYLANNFERNANDEZ@GMAIL.COM

Senate Rankin, B. (R) ** REP SD08
D: 24.2%
R: 30.2%
U: 43.9%
Capitol Email:
Campaign Email:

Name: FRIENDS OF BOB RANKIN Committee ID: 20195036219 Physical Address: 62A ALPEN GLO Committee Type: Candidate Committee         CARBONDALE CO 81623 Status: Active Mailing Address: PO BOX 1858 Date Registered: 01/28/2019         CARBONDALE CO 81623 Date Terminated:   Phone: 970-274-3303     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: RAISE CAMPAIGN FUNDS FOR BOB RANKIN SENATE DISTRICT 8     Registered Agent: JOYCE RANKIN Phone: 970-274-3303 Email: JOYCERANKIN@YAHOO.COM Designated Filing Agent: MARGE A KLEIN Phone: 303-246-2716 Email: MKLEIN@SWSPOLIFI.COM

Senate Liston, L. (R) REP SD10
D: 20.2%
R: 36.7%
U: 40.9%
Capitol Email:
Campaign Email: LLLISTON16@Q.COM
303-866-2937, 719-649-9742Donors

Name: FRIENDS OF LARRY LISTON FOR SENATE Committee ID: 20195036766 Physical Address: 2846 COUNTRY CLUB CIRCLE Committee Type: Candidate Committee         COLO. SPRINGS CO 80909 Status: Active Mailing Address: 4045 S. NONCHALANT CIRCLE Date Registered: 08/26/2019         COLO. SPRINGS CO 80917 Date Terminated:   Phone: 719-649-9742     Fax:        Web: FRIENDSOFLARRYLISTON.COM                 Purpose: TO ELECT LARRY LISTON TO COLO. STATE SENATE # 10     Registered Agent: DIRK JUTTEN Phone: 719-597-4646 Email: DJUTTEN@BOHALL-HOOVER.COM Designated Filing Agent: DIRK JUTTEN JUTTEN Phone: 719-597-4646 Email: DJUTTEN@BOHALL-HOOVER.COM  

Senate Gardner, R. (R) ** REP SD12
D: 20.9%
R: 35.6%
U: 41.3%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4880, 719-491-5705Donors

Name: COMMITTEE TO ELECT BOB GARDNER Committee ID: 20155028942 Physical Address: 1223 LAKE PLAZA DRIVE Committee Type: Candidate Committee   SUITE D     COLORADO SPRINGS CO 80906 Status: Active Mailing Address: 1223 LAKE PLAZA DRIVE Date Registered: 03/30/2015   SUITE D     COLORADO SPRINGS CO 80906 Date Terminated:   Phone: 719-599-7309     Fax:   719-599-0936     Web:                   Purpose: TO SUPPORT THE NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF BOB GARDNER TO STATE SENATE DISTRICT 12     Registered Agent: ROBERT S. GARDNER Phone: 719-491-5705 Email: RGARDNER@RSGLAW.NET Designated Filing Agent: DONALD J. ALBERTS Phone: 719-599-7309 Email: DJALBERTS@RSGLAW.NET

Senate Ginal, J. (D) ** DEM SD14
D: 33.8%
R: 20.3%
U: 44%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4569, 970-215-3063Donors

Name: JOANN GINAL FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195037102 Physical Address: 316 E MAGNOLIA ST Committee Type: Candidate Committee         FORT COLLINS CO 80524 Status: Active Mailing Address: 316 E MAGNOLIA ST Date Registered: 09/10/2019         FORT COLLINS CO 80524 Date Terminated:   Phone: 970-215-3063     Fax:        Web: WWW.JOANNGINAL.COM                 Purpose: DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SENATE DISTRICT 14 IN 2020   Registered Agent: DEB ELLINGSON Phone: 303-949-1223 Email: ELLINGSONDEB@YAHOO.COM

Senate Lewis, S. (D) DEM SD17
D: 38.6%
R: 17%
U: 43%
Capitol Email:
303-866-2920, 303-931-3784 Donors

Name: SONYA FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195037524 Physical Address: 11938 OXFORD RD Committee Type: Candidate Committee         LONGMONT CO 80504 Status: Active Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 791 Date Registered: 09/30/2019         LAFAYETTE CO 80026 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-931-3784     Fax:        Web: SONYAFORCOLORADO.COM                 Purpose: ELECTING SONYA JAQUEZ LEWIS FOR COLORADO STATE SENATE SD17     Registered Agent: DENICE WALKER Phone: 303-641-8737 Email: DENICE.WALKER@ICLOUD.COM Designated Filing Agent: EMMA MAYA PILLER Phone: 720-302-3678 Email: EMMAPILLER11@GMAIL.COM

Senate Fenberg, S. (D) ** DEM SD18
D: 50.3%
R: 9.3%
U: 39.1%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4872, 720-244-2062Donors

Name: FENBERG FOR SENATE Committee ID: 20155028856 Physical Address: 1819 WALNUT STREET Committee Type: Candidate Committee         BOULDER CO 80302 Status: Active Mailing Address: 1819 WALNUT STREET Date Registered: 03/02/2015         BOULDER CO 80302 Date Terminated:   Phone: 720-244-2062     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO SUPPORT THE ELECTION OF STEPHEN FENBERG FOR SENATE DISTRICT 18     Registered Agent: STEPHEN FENBERG Phone: 720-244-2062 Email: STEVE@STEVEFENBERG.ORG Designated Filing Agent: MINDY MILLER Phone: 917-494-9959 Email: MINDY@STEVEFENBERG.ORG

Senate Zenzinger, R. (D) ** DEM SD19
D: 30.4%
R: 24.9%
U: 43%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4840, 303-748-0770Donors

Name: RACHEL FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20135026579 Physical Address: 8274 AMMONS CIRCLE Committee Type: Candidate Committee         ARVADA CO 80005 Status: Active Mailing Address: 8274 AMMONS CIRCLE Date Registered: 12/12/2013         ARVADA CO 80005 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-748-0770     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT RACHEL ZENZINGER TO COLORADO STATE SENATE     Registered Agent: PORTER BENNETT Phone: 720-999-6725 Email: PORTER.BENNETT4@GMAIL.COM Designated Filing Agent: CLARK MORRELL Phone: 303-425-3673 Email: DCMORRELL@AOL.COM

Senate Moreno, D. (D) ** DEM SD21
D: 37.8%
R: 17.7%
U: 42.7%
Capitol Email:
Campaign Email:

Name: FRIENDS OF DOMINICK MORENO Committee ID: 20165031320 Physical Address: 5821 TICHY BLVD Committee Type: Candidate Committee         COMMERCE CITY CO 80022 Status: Active Mailing Address: 5821 TICHY BLVD Date Registered: 05/02/2016         COMMERCE CITY CO 80022 Date Terminated:   Phone: 720-985-1132     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT DOMINICK MORENO TO STATE SENATE DISTRICT 21     Registered Agent: DOMINICK ANSELMO MORENO Phone: 720-985-1132 Email: MORENO.DOMINICK@GMAIL.COM Designated Filing Agent: DOMINICK ANSELMO MORENO Phone: 720-985-1132 Email: MORENO.DOMINICK@GMAIL.COM

Senate Priola, K. (R) ** REP SD25
D: 31.5%
R: 24.2%
U: 42.4%
Capitol Email:

Name: FRIENDS OF KEVIN PRIOLA Committee ID: 20155029053 Physical Address: 12255 URSULA ST. Committee Type: Candidate Committee         HENDERSON CO 80640 Status: Active Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 222 Date Registered: 06/29/2015         HENDERSON CO 80640 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-882-5486     Fax:        Web: WWW.KEVINPRIOLA.COM                 Purpose: SUPPORTING THE ELECTION OF KEVIN PRIOLA IN SD 25.   Registered Agent: KEVIN PRIOLA Phone: 303-882-5486 Email: KPRIOLA@HOTMAIL.COM

Senate Bridges, J. (D) ** DEM SD26
D: 33.6%
R: 23.9%
U: 40.7%
Capitol Email:
303-866-4846, 303-358-5551Donors

Name: BRIDGES FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195036233 Physical Address: 7600 LANDMARK WAY #805 Committee Type: Candidate Committee         GREENWOOD VILLAGE CO 80111 Status: Active Mailing Address: 7600 LANDMARK WAY #805 Date Registered: 02/02/2019         GREENWOOD VILLAGE CO 80111 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-358-5551     Fax:        Web: BRIDGESFORCOLORADO.COM                 Purpose: TO ELECT JEFF BRIDGES FOR COLORADO SENATE DISTRICT 26.     Registered Agent: JEFF BRIDGES Phone: 303-358-5551 Email: JEFF@BRIDGESFORCOLORADO.COM Designated Filing Agent: BARBARA BRIDGES Phone: 303-809-0955 Email: BB@BARBARABRIDGES.NET

Senate Buckner, J. (D) DEM SD28
D: 34.8%
R: 21.7%
U: 41.8%
Capitol Email:
(303) 866-2944, 303-627-6404Donors

Name: JANET BUCKNER FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195037138 Physical Address: 4124 SOUTH ELKHART STREET Committee Type: Candidate Committee         AURORA CO 80014 Status: Active Mailing Address: PO BOX 441732 Date Registered: 09/12/2019         AURORA CO 80044 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-902-8692     Fax:        Web: HTTP://JANETBUCKNER.COM/                 Purpose: TO ELECT JANET BUCKNER TO COLORADO'S SENATE DISTRICT 28     Registered Agent: ELIZABETH MOSER Phone: 949-291-1990 Email: ELIZABETHJMOSER@GMAIL.COM Designated Filing Agent: ELIZABETH MOSER Phone: 949-291-1990 Email: ELIZABETHJMOSER@GMAIL.COM

Senate Fields, R. (D) ** DEM SD29
D: 36%
R: 21.8%
U: 40.4%
Capitol Email:
Campaign Email:

Name: RHONDA FIELDS FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20155028864 Physical Address: 1196 SABLE BLVD. Committee Type: Candidate Committee         AURORA CO 80011 Status: Active Mailing Address: 1196 SABLE BLVD. Date Registered: 03/05/2015         AURORA CO 80011 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-246-8280     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT RHONDA FIELDS TO THE COLORADO STATE SENATE, DISTRICT 29     Registered Agent: RHONDA FIELDS Phone: 303-246-8280 Email: RHONDA@RHONDAFIELDS.ORG Designated Filing Agent: PEYTON BROWNING Phone: 816-772-9888 Email: PEYTONBROWNIN

Senate Hansen, C. (D) ** DEM SD31
D: 46%
R: 13%
U: 39.3%
Capitol Email:
303-866-2967, 720-243-2546Donors

Name: HANSEN FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195037668 Physical Address: 1177 NEWPORT ST. Committee Type: Candidate Committee         DENVER CO 80220 Status: Active Mailing Address: 1177 NEWPORT ST. Date Registered: 10/02/2019         DENVER CO 80220 Date Terminated:   Phone: 720-243-2546     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: SUPPORTS THE ELECTION OF CHRIS HANSEN TO THE COLORADO STATE LEGISLATURE IN SENATE DISTRICT 31.     Registered Agent: CHRIS HANSEN Phone: 720-243-2546 Email: CJHANSEN@OUTLOOK.COM Designated Filing Agent: KEVIN QUINN Phone: 512-657-0339 Email: KEVIN.M.QUINN@OUTLOOK.COM

Senate Coleman, J. (D) DEM SD33
D: 53.3%
R: 7.4%
U: 37.7%
Capitol Email:
303-866-2909, 720-297-5301Donors

Name: COLEMAN FOR COLORADO Committee ID: 20195037821 Physical Address: 5389 LIVERPOOL ST. Committee Type: Candidate Committee         DENVER CO 80249 Status: Active Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 7222 Date Registered: 11/13/2019         DENVER CO 80207 Date Terminated:   Phone: 720-297-5301     Fax:        Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT JAMES COLEMAN TO THE COLORADO STATE SENATE     Registered Agent: JESSICA CAMPBELL-SWANSON Phone: 913-687-0064 Email: JESSICA@BRIGHTERDAYSTRATEGIES.COM Designated Filing Agent: REBECCA HATCHER Phone: 303-596-7770 Email: CHANCE.REBECCA23@GMAIL.COM


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