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Nancy Todd

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Office Democrat
D: 35.3%
R: 24.8%
U: 38.2%
Committees Appropriations, Education, Finance
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Phone 303-866-3432
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Bio Bio
Occupation Retired Teacher
Education University of Northern Colorado
Candidate Committee Info

Name: CITIZENS TO ELECT NANCY TODD Committee ID: 20115021984 Physical Address: 11293 E HARVARD DRIVE Committee Type: Candidate Committee         AURORA CO 80014 Status: Active Mailing Address: 11293 E HARVARD DRIVE Date Registered: 07/12/2011         AURORA CO 80014 Date Terminated:   Phone: 303-750-1976     Fax:   303-752-0677     Web: WWW.NANCY.TODD.US                 Purpose: DEMOCRAT SENATE DISTRICT 28, 2012   Registered Agent: RODNEY B MCKINNEY Phone: 303-750-9060 Email: RODNEYMC330@COMCAST.NET

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