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Legislative Year: 2020 Change

Bill Detail: HB20-1343

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Title Egg-laying Hen Confinement Standards
Status Governor Signed (07/01/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Agriculture
House Sponsors D. Roberts (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Donovan (D)
House Committee Rural Affairs and Agriculture
Senate Committee Finance
Date Introduced 03/03/2020

The bill requires a farm owner or operator to house chicken,
turkey, duck, goose, or guinea fowl hens (hens) in accordance with the
standards established in the bill. And the bill prohibits, on and after
January 1, 2022, a business owner or operator from selling shell eggs or
egg products that are produced by egg-laying hens that were confined in
a manner that conflicts with these standards. In connection with this

prohibition, the bill:
  • Requires, by January 1, 2022, hens to be confined in an
enclosure with at least one square foot of usable floor space
per hen;
  • Requires, by January 1, 2024, hens to be confined in a
cage-free housing system with at least:
  • One square foot of usable floor space per hen if the
hens have unfettered access to vertical space; or
  • One and one-half square feet of usable floor space
per hen if the hens do not have unfettered access to
vertical space;
  • Deems a sale to have occurred at the location where the
buyer takes physical possession of the shell egg or egg
  • Allows a business to rely upon written certification that the
shell egg or egg product did not come from hens that were
confined in a manner that conflicts with the bill;
  • Authorizes the commissioner of agriculture to impose a
civil penalty up to $1,000 per violation;
  • Makes the commissioner responsible for promulgating
rules to implement and enforce the bill; and
  • Authorizes the commissioner to use a government or
private inspection process.
The bill requires shell eggs and egg products to be annually
certified as in compliance. Certification requires an inspection.
The following are exempt from the bill's requirements:
  • Medical research;
  • Veterinary purposes;
  • Transportation;
  • A state or county fair exhibition, a 4-H program, and
similar exhibitions;
  • Slaughter;
  • Temporary periods for animal husbandry;
  • A farm with 3,000 or fewer egg-laying hens; or
  • A business owner or operator selling fewer than 25 cases
of shell eggs per week.

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