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Legislative Year: 2020 Change

Bill Detail: SB20-163

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Title School Entry Immunization
Status Governor Signed (06/26/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
House Sponsors K. Mullica (D)
D. Roberts (D)
Senate Sponsors K. Priola (R)
J. Gonzales (D)
House Committee Health and Insurance
Senate Committee Health and Human Services
Date Introduced 02/11/2020

The bill codifies a definition of nonmedical exemption to mean
an immunization exemption based upon a religious belief whose
teachings are opposed to immunizations or a personal belief that is
opposed to immunizations.
Under current law, each student must submit to a school, as
defined in section 25-4-901, either a certificate of immunization, a

certificate of medical exemption, or a statement of nonmedical exemption
for an immunization for a religious or personal belief. The bill requires
the department of public health and environment (department) to develop
standardized forms and a submission process for persons who want to
claim a nonmedical exemption for an immunization for a religious or
personal belief. A person who wants to claim a nonmedical exemption for
an immunization for a religious or personal belief can do so by submitting
to the school either:
  • A certificate of completion of the online education module;
  • A certificate of nonmedical exemption.
The bill requires the department to annually evaluate the state's
immunization practices, including an examination of best practices and
guidelines recommended by the advisory committee on immunization
practices. The state board of health may update the state's immunization
practices pursuant to the annual evaluation.
The bill creates a vaccine-protected children standard, whereby the
immunization rate goal for every school is 95% of the student population
to be vaccinated. The bill requires the department to amend an
immunization document it currently publishes annually to include
information about the vaccine-protected children standard. Every school
shall publish its immunization rate and exemption rate on the document
and annually distribute it to the parents, legal guardians, and students of
the school.
The bill requires, as applicable, a practitioner who is a licensed
physician, physician assistant, advanced practice nurse, or person
authorized pursuant to title 12 to administer immunizations within their
scope of practice to students and to submit immunization, medical, or
nonmedical exemption data to the immunization tracking system. The
practitioner is not subject to a regulatory sanction for noncompliance.

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