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Legislative Year: 2021 Change

Legislative Scorecard

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based on Profiles

This report shows the percentage of times a legislator voted with your position on selected bills.
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This report is based on Sample Data.
Subscribed users can select the bills and legislators to show on this report.

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Bill count= 0
Amabile, J. (D) House130
Bridges, J. (D) Senate260

How to read this report

  • Legislators selected in your Profile are listed down the side.
  • Bills selected in your Profile are listed across the top, with your Position on each bill.
  • A plus (+) indicates the Legislator voted with your position on the bill. A minus (-) indicates the Legislator voted against your position on the bill. A blank cell indicates the legislator did not vote on the bill.
  • Legislator score is calculated by dividing the total number of + (pluses) by the total number of bills in the profile that were voted on by the legislator. For example:
    • You select four bills in your Profile.
    • The legislator voted with your Position on three of those bills.
    • The legislator score would be 3 divided by 4, or 75%.
  • If you selected "Neutral" for your position on a bill, it is not included in the legislator score.
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